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19/02/2021 - 19h

– Add wings to a pepper to make a dragonfly –

(Add a pair of wings / to a pepper pod, you would / make a dragonfly – corrected haiku by Basho)


Hear / Sound impressions inspired by Haikus

With a mix of live made concrete sounds, archival online sounds, instruments and voice, we trail the haikus through different moods.


What I miss most during this strange period is making music with others, travelling for it and sharing it. My focus is pretty limited these days, and haikus are like little candies. Full of images (and thus sounds), short, but savory.

Travelling to long ago times, real or imagined places, in dreams or short stories. Making sense and non sense, only to create a poetic sound environment that tickles the imagination.

Noise, words, ears.

Join in my escape of our current times and tune in together.



Concept, music, foley, voice: Pak Yan Lau

Harp, foley, whispering: Vera Cavallin

Foley, voice, Italian haikus: Lucia Palladino

Foley, Voice narrator: Henry Andersen

Presenting: Caroline Profanter

Sound: Ludo Engels


Haikus used in PART I and II, taken from:

– Basho The Complete Haiku / Matsuo Basho / translated by Jane Reichhold / Publisher: Kodansha International by Calvin Olsen

-Archival soundsource from BBC Archive: dragonfly, all kind of ringtones phones, Arabic crowd, Hong Kong street market, Rainforest night

Haikus used in Part III written by Lucia Palladino


With the support of the Flemish Community (Culturele Activiteiten Premie).


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Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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