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Oscillation workshops
29/04/2019 - 04/05/2019

→ MONDAY 29/4: 13h—16h
Enrico Malatesta : Rudimenti

Rudimenti revolves around sound and its modes of perception and production, with a focus on the relation between objects and surfaces; the workshop is aimed at sharing Malatesta’s main research interests through simple practical experients that it is useful to observe:
\ sound as a form of movement
\ prehensility
\ spaces and bodies
\ sound as autonomous zone of connection between human and non-human beings
\ simplicity vs. multiplicity
\ dry sounds / resonating sounds
\ drums as a stage
\ fluidity and fixity

The workshop is open to performers, dancers, musicians, writers, theoreticians.
Maximum of seven participants, no prior knowledge assumed
(at AU QUAI)


→ WEDNESDAY 1/5: 11h—17h
Oracle : Reading the Zone: introduction to oracular practice + public intervention

In this workshop Oracle will introduce oracular practice, an eyes-closed body-voice practice of ‘reading’ different spaces, from public space to the intimate setting of private living spaces. This vocal architectural choreography produces a peculiar performativity which depends on auditory perception rather than a visual logic and highlights the idiosyncratic nature of listening. Each practice session is unique to the moment and environment and involves individual expression in a collective setting.
During the workshop we will visit and practice in diverse spaces and examine the influence that these distinct environments have on the practice, on the individual practitioner, on the observer and on the spaces themselves. The workshop will culminate in a public intervention open to a broader audience. We will wander during the transitory moment when day turns into night, when nature holds its breath for a moment while the city continues on at its usual pace. We will welcome the darker matters of the day, ‘reading’ the prophetic information contained in this moment. Vocalizing is an alternative, obscure and concrete way to touch the unknown and hostile.

Maximum of 15 participants, no prior knowledge assumed
(at AU QUAI)


→ THURSDAY 2/5: 11h—17h
Anne-Laure Pigache : Speech is full of noise

This workshop is based on Anne-Laure’s work on speech and langage. Its aim is to practice the musical plasticity of speech, to practice the plasticity of the talking brain that listen to the sounds of the words formed through the mouth, to be overwhelmed by your own dyslexia, to trick yourself, to play with, mess with, and disrupt your own speech.

Maximum of 12 participants, no prior knowledge assumed
(at AU QUAI)


→ FRIDAY 3/5: 11h—17h
Adam Asnan : Location sound recording, and the influence of Phonogeny

In this workshop, Adam will introduce some themes that are essential to his working practices, from both a conceptual and technical perspective, with the aim of assisting in developing the participant’s awareness of and proficiency in sound capture on location, and in evaluating the results. Certain subjects will be proposed, such as the notion of “phonogeny” as a parallel to “photogeny”, and the influence of this concept on one’s approach to recording and mixing, and how we might determine an aesthetic criterion for the balance between sounds or sound and space.
The workshop will include a performance activity that will place the participants in control of the recording, with a specific focus on the art of dynamic and creative mixing as a voice in itself. For this, the participants are invited to bring a single sound object, instrument or text with which to contribute.
Prior knowledge of recording is beneficial, but not necessary in this regard, having an interest in sound as a creative medium is all one might need to make the most out of this opportunity.

Maximum of 12 participants, prior knowledge welcome but not requested, bring your recording device if you have one.
(at RITCS)


→ SATURDAY 4/5: 10h—16h
Jonathan Frigeri : Induction into dream (radio workshop)

What could radio be, other than a propagator of information? In this workshop, radio is conceived as a creative tool, a medium, by which to enter into the dream zone. Radio is the liminal space between “here” and “there” and it has the power to reach our subconscious. The exploration of the electromagnetic fields and radio phenomena has a subversive potential to destabilise certain processes of a mass-media system. In referring to Gaston Bachelard (the right to dream), Walter Benjamin, and Gregory Whitehead, the workshop will be started by an introduction, and will lead to a series of practical exercises, with an attempt to transpose those dream states into a short piece of radio.

Maximum of 10 participants, basic knowledge of sound-recording/editing/mixing required. Please bring computer and headphones, and if possible a portable recorder (otherwise provided by us).
(at AU QUAI)


The festival was realized in the framework of the Interfaces project, and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and co-produced by RITCS school of art, where together with AU QUAI, these workshops took place.

In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

Q-O2 is supported by the Flemish Community, VGC and the European Union
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