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Olivier Toulemonde, Christine Sehnaoui & Mathias Forge / Ignaz Schick & Martin Tetreault
01/02/2009 - 20:30

Christine Sehnaoui (saxophone), Mathias Forge (trombone) and Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objects) are (still) part of the young generation of improvising musicians. They follow the paths cleared by their masters, fascinated from the very beginning by the freedom this practice has to offer, and they are totally dedicated to listening and playing with sound. They have all developed their own language and have stretched the possibilities of their instruments to the limit. Then one day – as expected – they bumped into each other in the city of Paris, where they gave a concert together. That day, the trio and its music was born, composed of breaths, cracklings, inspiration, vacuums, whistling air, jingling and rattling. Their music is fragile and incisive, part of a fascinating and vibrating sound stream.

Pictures from the duo Ignaz Schick & Martin Tetreault:

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