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Olivier Toulemonde
Olivier Toulemonde, educated as a saxophonist, started with electro-acoustic music and improvisation in 1994. In the same year he participated in the formation of Collectif Ishtar (Bourg-en-Bresse). He developed his first pieces of musique concrète in the studio Collectif & Cie (Annecy).He practices improvisation in his most free form with in his work a connection with listening, sound-research and projection in space. He plays with acoustic objects (kitcheninstruments, plastic cups, blocks of polystyrene, marbles, plateaus, CB-antennas, springs…). He also works with a device made up of long springs (fabricated by Les Ressorts de Roubaix) and tight wires. The whole is amplified by contactmicrophones, to work on the resonance of the metal. He also makes recordings for concerts, radio and video.
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