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Mecha/Orga + Mieke Lambrigts
03/12/2010 - 20:00

Mecha/Orga will compose and perform a piece using field recordings that he will make during his residency at Q-O2. The procedure will be divided in three parts. The first will be recording environmental sounds in the city of Brussels and nearby areas. The focus will be on sounds of every nature, regardless of their source, focusing on characteristic textures. The second part will be editing the sounds on a laptop. The recordings will be re-sampled, looped and manipulated beyond recognition. The final part will be a laptop performance, with the use of the Audiomulch application. A selection of edited field recordings will be patched and mixed, in an improvisational way, based upon how the sounds reverberate and resonate in the performance space.

For the new installation ‘Background noise’ Mieke Lambrigts works with recordings of what we perceive as silence or filter out in an everyday context. She bridges the various recordings with sinus tones, in order to create a transposition between different ‘spaces’, some kind of architecture which consists of nothing but sound.

Installation running from 20:00 on.

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