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post-residency concert
10/02/2012 - 20:30

martiensgohome plays DoUndo / recycling G

DoUndo/recycling G is a project initiated by Julia Eckhardt (viola) and Ludo Engels (recording). They have been collecting exclusively long viola sounds, rich in overtones and partly distorted. This ‘collection’ of sounds was presented to other (sound)artists for further processing. Themartiensgohome collective will take advantage of their current line-up: being a quartet of sorts, they will translate the classical form of the string quartet into their electro-acoustic methods of work. In western classical music, the string quartet has long been considered as the most important form of chamber music, and has traditionnaly been the main pattern for approaching string music. Its conventional shape and formulaic structure, combined with its prominence in the hierarchy of classical music, has driven contemporary musicians and composers to develop a love/hate relationship with the form and somehow to rebel against it. The collective will reproduce the different voices and pitches of the string quartet by assigning to each member the frequency range of one instrument of the quartet, violin, viola and cello, and use this as a starting point to design a composition.

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