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post-residency concert
28/06/2023 - 18h & 19:30 - free

18:00 : First Session
19:30 : Second Session

In this upcoming presentation, Marija Rasa will introduce bee there – a new sound piece (in progress) in the ongoing Microlands series, consisting of compositions for multichannel audio setups. In these pieces, she sculpts fictional soundscapes out of delicate noise, electronic sounds, and field recordings of quiet places. This time, the main focus of the piece revolves around recordings of bees during both day and night, as well as the honey harvesting process. By attentively assembling the sounds of bees and electronic sounds using a micro montage approach, she aims to create aural spaces that rely on the interplay of movement, gestures, and temporal dynamics within physical space. The arrangement of eight loudspeakers becomes a symbolic body that mediates between the sounds and their unfolding journey. There will be an opportunity to savor the harvested honey after the presentation to celebrate the intricate wonders of the natural world!

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