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post-residency concert
02/02/2024 - 18h - free

Loup Uberto shows some short pieces of the work done during his residency at Q-O2, featuring lives with :


Soledad Zarka: Dance performance for masks, gestures, feedbacks and Italian work songs


Vin de Sprite: Antoine Loyer: vocals, guitar / Donatien Toma Ndani Djemelas: vocals, organa


Violeta Lopez Lopez: Duo for oboe and voice by Jean Guyot, Liège composer from the 16th century


Anna & Guerrino Bellotto: Collection of notes written in Piedicavallo, Italian Piedmont, from 1990 to 2002


And maybe :

+ Piedmontese peasant songs for solo viol and singing

+ Listening to sound pieces recorded during the residency, with Lise Barkas, Lukas de Clerck, Guillaume Maupin, Violeta Lopez Lopez…

+ Possible disc-joking and little party!


Loup Uberto 2024

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