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24/04/2004 - 25/04/2004

Lost&found is an improvisation for dance, video and music. Each performance this trio is being complemented by a fourth : the space.

During the performance one questions the intuitive and direct necessity of the smallest movement, of the tiniest sound and image. This questioning involves as much the sounds and the image produced by the dancer, as the movements and images created by the musician, as the sounds and movements made by the video artist.
In this way each edition means a new exploration into what the space allows for, into what the body desires, what catches the eye and into the things the instrument does by itself.

Els van Riel : video, Anouk Llaurens : dance, Julia Eckhardt : music

In the context of D_calage Québec/Brussels: D_calage is an exchange project between female artists from Québec and Brussels.

24-24 April 2004 at Théâtre Mercelis-Bruxelles
22-22 May 2004 MAP Brussel, during OFFfestival
2-4 June 2004 at Oboro Montreal, CAN

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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