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24/04/2004 - 25/04/2004
Anouk Llaurens

Anouk Llaurens is a choreographer, a dance teacher and a performer based in London. She has been dancing since 26 years and studying numerous technics from ballet to contact-improvisation. Her investigation of dance and composition is currently supported by her meetings with Lisa Nelson, Deborah Hay and Kirstie Simson as well by a Zen meditation practice. Anouk is now travelling throught the lands of improvisation,contact improvisation, choreography and visual arts. She performs her own solo work with Sarah Gray, improvising with Kirstie Simson’s Group, dancing for Henrietta Hale and Tony Thatcher in London. She improvises with musicians and visual artist in Belgium in “Lost & Found” a QO2 production with Julia Eckhardt and Els van Riel and with Sofia Clist in “Stretch” a Crying Out Loud production in the U.K. She is teaching Real Time Composition, contact improvisation and Release Technic at the London Metropolitan University, the Jerwood Space, the Laban Center, Moving East, Candoco and the Siobhan Davis Dance Company as well as in various places in Europe.

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