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Kurt Du Tré : Transcriptions
16/04/2008 - 26/04/2008

Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday 14 > 18h and on appointmentThe recent research of Kurt Du Tré is mainly oriented to transcriptions, both in the musical sense and in a multimedia environment. He has focused on the question of original authorship in the context of arrangements and transcriptions. When he is transcribing Du Tré respects the original concept, but with a feeling that “the artwork is an open source”. The natural reflex of transcription focusing on whether one can either claim something or not, is mainly due to the relationship he feels between ancient music practices and our interactive cyber culture of today, where authorship and copyright were/are relative concepts.The installation “Transcriptions” departs also as the translation or ‘engrafting’ of ideas and concepts from one work or medium to another, or even from one artist to another. The installation is based on the project “Infobox” by the Swiss artist Ilona Ruegg. Three aspects were taken from this plastic context and transformed into a musical performance. Nicole Bauwens processed some of the sketches made by Ilona Ruegg for her installation in Frankfurt, and used them in a musical context as a graphic score. It was in fact an unplayable music piece, aurally interpreted by musicians who were familiar with free improvisation. These individual improvisations were then recorded on CD-ROM. Users can create a new, collective and/or individual composition using a special software programme. By navigating ad libitum through these works, attentive listeners will gradually develop new anchor points, and an interactive, variable new audio piece will take shape. As a consequence, concepts such as ‘composition’, ‘author/composer’ and ‘time experience’ get a new connotation that puts them into perspective.The following musicians participated: Stefan Prins (B), Joachim Devillé (B), Esther Venrooy (NL), Fedor Teunisse (NL), Giles Thomas (GB) en Julia Eckhardt (B).

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