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Kim Laugs + Gilles Gobert & Inger Elisabeth Gleditsch + Kobe Wens & DKO Sound Design / La Semaine du Son
02/02/2023 - 20h (doors 19h30)

ECHO ROOM – Kim Laugs

This installation imagined specifically for Q-O2 focuses on the degradation of auditory information and the resulting miscommunication. Do we hear what we want to hear by filling in the missing or unclear parts with our own knowledge and worldview?
By passing through various methods of chain communication, the voice finds its way to the listener. The listener will receive a different message depending on his or her position in the chain. 


Mørk Stemme – Gilles Gobert & Inger Elisabeth Gleditsch

Mørk stemme (dark voice) is a performance that consists of creating waves of darkness through the intensity of the voice (the intensity of the voice influences and modifies the intensity of light). These waves of darkness gradually invade the entire visual space. 
Facing the projectors, the singer is installed in a square of white fabric, the audience is free to move around in this space.
Simultaneously with the light, the sound that accompanies the performance appears and disappears, playing on different saturated or transparent densities.
The technical device was created with the help of the Centre Henri Pousseur (Patrick Delges).
Inger Elisabeth Gleditsch: conception, voice and visual installation
Gilles Gobert: electronics


Sing circle sync – Kobe Wens & DKO Sound Design

The sound design department of DKO in Antwerp presents ‘sing circle sync’, a unique concert installation that uses the human voice as a sound source. The hidden processing and the simple arrangement of a single loudspeaker allow for a freer and more listenable concert experience. Not only the sound but also the amplification itself will describe circles and thus sing. A modern interpretation of the ancient ritual of the singing circle. A configuration that does not shy away from the Doppler effect, phase differences and feedback, but tries to include them in its presentation form.


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