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19/11/2012 - 08/12/2012

The Creatures orchestra for amplified Human hearing

Katerina Undo is developing light sensitive miniature robots, the ‘Creatures’ that live autonomously, getting energy from solar cells and generating a large variety of sounds depending on the amount of light that touches their solar surfaces. The Creatures are built with two electronic analogue circuits, the ‘suneater’ and the ‘solar sound module’. It is impossible to build exact equal modules, so each creature is unique with a particular character, name and role. Up to date, a relatively cooperative group of Creatures by means of six members – Sextet – is ‘trained’ for participating at live concerts. The produced sounds that are the results of manipulated and varying light circumstances are amplified.

During her time at Q-O2 ‘audition and training’ will take place for new Creature members. The aim is to develop a Creatures orchestra that is going to perform at the ‘natural miniature’ sound level. Instead of amplifying the Creature’s volume, the Human hearing will be amplified, naturally, through the use of ‘telescopic ears’: acoustic horns applied to ears that give both acoustic gain and directionality, increasing the observer’s hearing ability.
The number of Human beings attending this particular Creatures performance will be determined.

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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