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02/07/2018 - 31/07/2018

Meditation/Sound/City. Meditation is often connected to silence. But we know that silence doesn’t exist. So what do we do with the constant sound stream we have to deal with every day? How can we use sound as a mean to be more connected to ourselves and to our environment?

Practising field recording since several years and meditation since 18 years, Isabelle Stragliati will use the time of residency to deepen the connection between these two practices. Her research will take place in our everyday urban sound environment and focus on sound in relation to contemplation, meditation and perception.


In Brussels, known to be an especially noise-polluted city, she wants to develop participative practices for deepening the consciousness about the sounding environment in the city, and experimenting ways to embrace it with via meditation techniques.

In part alone and in part with a group of people, she will explore the city via sound walks and field recordings, in order to get familiar with the variety of sounds and subsequently develop a response – or rather, a non-response – in a contemplative way, and search means to integrate it in the everyday life.

This residency is hosted at MAAC.

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