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post-residency concert, sit-down
Live House #2 : Inge van den Kroonenberg / sit-down: Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn)
23/11/2015 - 17:00 / 20.30

!!! The concert is postponed to one week later (to be confirmed) !!!
Doors and shop are open at 17:00h.
20:30h Inge van den Kroonenberg presents results of her residency in which she experimented with voice and feed-back. She will perform Geräusche und Stimmungen (part II) / Sing it Back – Vocal Feedback Performance

‘Sing it Back’ has been the working title for her vocal and feedback experiments during her residency at Q-O2. Her point of research was to create a set up with subtile feedback tones to which her voice could interact.
At 21:00h Köhn shares his kwowledge and choices of recorded music, during the second Live House sit-down listening session.

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