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Inge van den Kroonenberg
In 2004 Inge van den Kroonenberg (1982) started her work as a visual artist. Through field recording and composing for film, dance and installation art her work gradually evolved into sound orientated pieces and performances. The sculptural and textural characteristics of sound form the basis of her work. In her vocal practice she explores the material and auditory aspects of the voice in order to perceive new qualities of speech and singing. She achieved her bachelor in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Art and Media in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) including several residencies in Berlin and studied Cultural Sciences at the Free University in Amsterdam. As head of production and technics she was involved in several productions for contemporary music platform ChampdAction in Antwerp. Currently she develops artistic and educational programs in sound and listening for Ghent based company Aifoon.
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