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post-residency performance with live radio transmission
Paula Montecinos Oliva + Geraldine Vanspauwen & Maan Methven
27/01/2022 - 18h - free (doors 17h30)

(Un)bound wor(l)ds (Paula Montecinos): How can poetics become a dance? How can a word become a sound? When we connect every word with its own music, what intermediate spaces emerge? With the interest to explore the human voice as a transductive device, we will work on reconverting collective claims and poetics of diaspora and migration, into a performative sonic experience. Initiating a remote collaborative research with performer and poet Johan Mijail (DR), we will focus on the intersections of experimental radio production and oral poetry, as an attempt to create an embedded and intimate technology, giving attention to how the sonic materiality of words can be performed as a resurgent and subversive force, addressing different questions on reconnection – place of belonging and tra(ns)duction.


Under the name of Zemlya, Geraldine Vanspauwen and Maan Methven work together with sound as a profound source from which the musical and the visual world can be interwoven,  layered landscapes and new compositional techniques discovered, as a source able to cross  between the physical and the non-physical world, to connect clarity and distortion, intimacy and feedback or noise.
Inspired by the noises and rhythms within our own bodies and surrounding landscapes, their live performance explores the harmonic fields emerging between layers of field recordings and composed sound.


Q-O2 · Zemlya (Geraldine Vanspauwen & Maan Methven)


Start of event 18h sharp because of radio transmission

The event will be broadcast via radio p-node

This is a Covid Safe Ticket Event

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