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Fantôms Orchestra (Frédéric Nogray, Lee Patterson & pali meursault)
09/12/2017 - 10/12/2017

Frédéric Nogray, Lee Patterson and pali meursault invite you for a weekend of collective experimentations (English spoken).


The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to instrument building. Borrowing simple DIY techniques from the musician’s own setups, the participants will learn to amplify and sonify everyday objects. Using contact microphones based on piezo transducers to amplify acoustic objects, or using coils as electromagnetic pick-ups to sonify the magnetic fields radiating from electric appliances and every-day electronics, participants will be guided into turing the object of their choice into a singular instrument: bring your resonant curiosities, old kitchen appliances, strange pieces of hardware or vintage electronic toys!

On the second day, these original creations will be brought together and tuned into forming an unusual orchestra for a session of collective of improvisation. The workshop will end with a public performance of our Fantôms Orchestra at Q-O2 (Sunday December 10, 18:00).



The workshop is limited to 10 participants, a two day commitment is required . The participation fee of 50€ includes lunch, transducers-building equipment and participants will be able to keep their creations. Please register via, briefly introduce yourself and convince us why you would like to be part of this weekend.

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