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Elms Willdick
18/12/2017 - 22/12/2017

Elms Willdick is a sonical marriage between Karen Willems and Stijn Dickel. Elms Willdick is a deranged playground with traditional instruments (but often used in an onorthodox way), field recordings, amplified objects, voices, performances and scenographical discoveries. Elms Willdick is an ode to freedom, intuition, creativity, adventure and non-formalized listening.


In this residency Elms Willdick wants to explore the power of sound and performance. Often a sound becomes less interesting when you see how its performed. Sometimes one experiences a sound more intense when you see how it’s performed. Wannes Deneer is musician, product developer and scenographer of Tuning People. He will enforce Elms Willdick during this one week residency in Q-O2. More info.

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