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Displaced Sounds: Charlemagne Palestine / Jens Brand & Frederik Croene
29/01/2013 - 20:30 - €10/€8

STUK focuses on unexpected sounds and intense listening again during the thirteenth edition of Displaced Sounds in collaboration with Q-O2 and KRAAK.

The evening will comprise of two very special and intriguing works for piano. Composer, performer and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine (US) is a unique and extravagant voice in the music landscape. Born in New York, he now lives and works in Brussels. Known for his still baffling Strumming Music and his stubborn vocal experiments, you should expect a very intense piano performance.

There is a chance that the first concert of the evening will be silent. Jens Brand (DE) developed New Methods for Circular Breathing, #3/Player Piano & Piano Player, a performance for pianist and programmable piano. Before the audience enters the venue, Frederik Croene (BE) will play a short piece on a ‘player piano’. During the performance, he will try to press the keys and block them before the programmable piano does so. The only notes that will reach the audience are the mistakes Croene makes. 

You can buy your tickets on line via STUK.

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