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BRXLBRAVO > Aernoudt Jacobs – Els van Riel
02/03/2007 - 04/03/2007

Aernoudt Jacobs presents the sound installation ‘Phantom Melodies’ and Els van Riel the 16 mm-film installation ‘DOES DISTANCE SLOW DOWN’.

A movement of an object noticed at a long distance, seems to proceed slower than its speed measured at a shorter distance. Is distance related to velocity? Is velocity inversely proportional to distance? Or is it the state of looking in the distance that slows down my sight. The installation ‘DOES DISTANCE SLOW DOWN’ proves this impression with simple film images. Answers to be expected from other 4×4 artists and public.

Friday 2 March 14:00-20:00, Saturday 3 March 14:00-24:00, Sunday 4 March 14:00-18:00

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