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Antres (Mathias Forge + Yoann Coste)
01/02/2010 - 11/02/2010

ANTRESYoann COSTE : technic and sound mixingMathias FORGE : tromboneThese two musicians will work on the link between playing and recording, and especially the spaces where this recording is made. To do it, they propose to spend one week in a place, work on this place and give a result of their experience with a piece composed and recorded in that place. Antres is interested by sounds, these Mathias does, these Yoann records and these from the place. To think about the link between all this, the set up of the project will take the following form: Mathias and Yoann will play in one central room with their instruments (trombone and mixing desk) and twelve different microphones are set up in the spaces around, in or out. The instrumental playing, really simple and minimal, will be transformed and declined by three parameters: the space where it was recorded, which kind of microphone recorded it and the instant of the recording. The pieces are composed in direct, just after having tested all the possibilities of every microphone. The idea of this project is to write a solo in a place playing with all the characteristics of that place and underlining it. The concept could be continued in a swimming pool, supermarket, school, airport, restarurtant, …

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