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01/02/2010 - 11/02/2010
11/02/2010 - 20:30
Yoann Coste

Yoann Coste, autodidact musician, made audiovisual studies. Specialized in sound works, he’s both a sound engineer for concerts and boom operator on film shootings. He works also as a sound manager for plays. He regularly animates workshops in miking or making sound effects for teens. He practices music in a band and was the singer and guitarist of Patak’s, a music band from Roanne, for 3 years. He meets Mathias Forge in 2003 during improvisation practicing sessions and opens to contemporary dance and experimental movies at the option of meeting. He composes, when friends ask, sounds and music for short films. In summer 2008, he coordinate the direction of a cartoon in Cameroon which he will assume the mixing and sound effects. He will meet cameronian artists with whom he’ll record the music of the short film. Yoann has been working since 2007 as technical manager of Les Arcandiers, a brass band of ten musicians on stage.

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