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Anthea Caddy & Judith Hamann
01/12/2015 - 15/12/2015

Cello II is an immersive performance experience, exploring the acoustic capacities of two cellos through electroacoustic spatialisation, durational listening and site specific use of room tone.

Using amplification to identify microscopic and subtle nuances of the cello, the double cello project develops works that identify a combination of pitch and resonance, positioning them within an expanded context of temporality, and deep immersion for the audience. Focused in part on durational listening, over the course of concerts that are a minimum of an hour in length, Cello II develops seemingly simple sounds into an increasingly complex and engaging sound world, as the cellists navigate and magnify the minute details of two cellos interacting in space. The double cello project uses spatialised amplification to tune the acoustics of site specific performance spaces, creating an environment where the works submerge the listener, suspending and extending their sense of time and space. The space itself is darkened, creating a unique experience where the work is presented as an intersection point between performance and installation, with the audience able to move through and alter their perspective throughout the work.

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