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11/12/2015 - 19:00 / 20:30
01/12/2015 - 15/12/2015
Judith Hamann
Judith Hamann is an Australian born cellist. Her performance practice stretches across various genres encompassing elements of improvised, art, experimental and popular music. Judith has studied contemporary repertoire with renowned cellists including Charles Curtis and Severine Ballon, as well as developing a strong practice in improvisation through collaborative projects and performances both in Australia and internationally including Hammers Lake (with Carolyn Connors) and Golinski/Hamann/Dunscombe trio.

She has performed widely internationally and nationally with major festivals including Tectonics (Glasgow, Adelaide),  UnSound (NYC), Adelaide Arts Festival (John Zorn/ELISION),  Seoul International Dance Festival, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Now Now (Sydney), Dark Mona (Hobart), Extremities Japanese Australian Festival (Tokyo), Tokyo Experimental Festival, Ausland Summer Festival (Berlin), BIFEM, and Liquid Architecture. A champion of Australian new music, and rarely performed international works, Judith has worked with composers including Liza Lim, Anthony Pateras, John Zorn, Tashi Wada, Jon Rose, Cat Hope, James Hullick, Rohan Drape, Marco Fusinato, James Rushford, Timothey McCormack, Wojtek Blecharz, and Alexander Garsden. She has also performed the Australian premieres of works by Morton Feldman, Robert Ashley, Olga Neuwirth, and Jani Christou. Judith has performed with artists and ensembles including Oren Ambarchi, ELISION ensemble, Ilan Volkov, Graham Lambkin, Jon Rose, Not Yet It’s Difficult, Wuturi ensemble, JOLT Arts, Decibel, Soundstream and Ensemble Offspring as well as being a founding member of Australian trio Golden Fur. She also engages with a range of interdisciplinary and experimental projects, most recently collaborative performance projects with artists Keith Deverell and Sabina Maselli. Judith was recently awarded the 2013 The Age/Music Victoria award for best experimental/avant-garde artist.
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