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Anne Gillis & XT [Seymour Wright & Paul Abbott]
14/10/2022 - 20h30 (doors 20h) - 8/6€

Anne Gillis (France) and XT [Seymour Wright (UK) and Paul Abbott (UK)] develop three new site-specific works, following the collaboration they started, in 2021.

During Covid restrictions, the trio initiated their collaboration by developing new work—remotely—which was ‘broadcast’ to an in person and online audience at Cafe OTO in London.
The three interdisciplinary artists operate at the boundaries of sound-making/music, plastic arts, performance and learning. They explore the limits and relationships between body, object, prosthesis—and memory, patterns and the material world.
Gillis’ recordings have explored realms of repetition, cut-up techniques, voice manipulation, and concrete bodily sounds sculpted into miniatures that Gillis hoped would turn loudspeakers into stethoscopes. Live, Gillis dedicates her work to curves, volutes, roundnesses, undulations, rolling-ups and rotations through her visceral ritual performances exploring the body and its societal codes.
XT use ‘real and imaginary’ drums and saxophone to create a music that expands several genres into new music and performance practice.
In 2021 Gillis and XT worked remotely to produce a 60-minute long new work Our/s bouture(s) that will be released in 2022 on Japanese label Art Into Life, described in a recent full-length article on Gillis career in the Wire Magazine (457, March 2022
pp.24-27 as:
‘[…] Gillis collaborated remotely with the duo XT, Seymour Wright and Paul Abbott. They never met in person due to the pandemic, and instead produced an hour long piece that was played back live and made available on-line titled Our/s bouture(s). Wright calls it a “grafting-edit”, and says their process (like this interview), involved foldings of English and French, with the original prompt setting out to “cultivate” a piece together as if gardening – the sounds and movements are “planting bulbs, sprouts/roots, seeds, graftings/clippings”.

The collaboration between Anne GIllis and XT has been generously supported by Diaphonique.

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