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14/10/2022 - 20h30 (doors 20h) - 8/6€
XT is Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright. Both Abbott and Wright are highly respected practitioners in their field, who’s work spans the fields of music, performance, creative writing, education and academic research. The duo use ‘real and imaginary’ drums and saxophone to create a music that expands several genres into new music and performance practice. They have released live and studio recordings and performed and worked in residence internationally. XT have been involved in several residencies to develop new materials. In 2017 XT spent 2 weeks in a studio in Hong Kong at the invitation of Empty Gallery. This led to Empty Editions 2LP Palina’Tufa, described by The Wire magazine as ‘truly ground-breaking’. The follow up (2021) LP Deorlaf X was described by The Wire as ‘a significant contribution to the jazz vanguard’. A significant dimension of their practice in recent years has been collaboration with musicians from genre spaces significantly beyond their own (perceived) space. For example, recently they have worked with US techno musician Container (Ren Schofield), US footwork pioneer RP Boo and UK artist/typographer Will Holder (F.R.David). Recently XT have participated in two major residencies, notably their recording residency at Empty Gallery, Hong Kong; and independently as a part of the ‘Creaking Breeze’ group with acclaimed US author Nathaniel Mackey during a two-day residency at Cafe OTO.
Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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