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Brecht Ameel | E42.A8
29/10/2017 - 20:30 - 6€

The electro-acoustic improvisation E42.A8 is grounded in an old warehouse in the countryside. It is  a place where we create the conditions that make improvisation possible, a pretext for meeting, but also an end in itself.  The place is always open to newcomers so that the configuration of players is therefore always changing.

No compositions, no efficiency, but rather free walks between polarities: freedoms-constraints, texture-range, inside-outside, games-interactions, pulse-stretch, moments-intensity, diversion-obviousness, amazement-oblivion, silence-saturation,  space-sound +++.

On the occasion of the extra-muros sessions of the tour the group will gather a few “revenant” players: Ludovic Medery, Benoît Deuxant, Flavien Gillié, Alice Just, Arthur Lacomme, Sylvain van Iniitu, Quentin Conrate, Thomas Coquelet, Mathieu Lilin, Joaquim Cauqueraumont, all players from Lille, Tournai, Bruxelles and Liège.

About the name E42.A8: it references highway junctions, impossible chess moves, Manuel Göttsching + Basic Channel titles & P16.D4.

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