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Aki Onda: Space Studies Project
18/06/2017 - 15:00 - 21:00

Aki Onda invites visitors to experience his new and work-in-progress Space Studies project and fosters casual conversations about the creative process. “Sound is a primarily spatial phenomenon. How exactly does sound take shape and move within an environment? How do dynamics, reflection, and absorption transform sound? How does the visual interact with the listener’s aural perception?
During this residency at Q-O2, Onda develops his new performance-installation project Space Studies, which explores the interplay between the acoustic, architectural, and emotional relationships within a given space. Aki Onda performs with analog equipment such as radio, tape recorder, slide projector, and found objects such as a bucket, a mirror, a fan, lights, etc. He arranges and rearranges these tools and objects, manipulating the sonic and visual fields within a space as a total environment. No virtuosity, no climax.”

Aki Onda is going to premier Space Studies at South London Gallery in London on 24 June 2017. This event is presented by Thirty Three Thirty Three in partnership with the SLG. Read more.


Free entrance

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