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25/06/2004 - 26/06/2004
25/06/2004 - 26/06/2004
Stefan van Eycken
Stefan Van Eycken (1975) studied musicology at the K.U.Leuven and attended summer courses in English literature at the University of Edinburgh and composition in Avignong (with Marco Stroppa). In 1997, he moved back to Edinburgh to undertake a PhD on the work of Brian Ferneyhough at the Faculty of Music. He also taught analysis and aesthetics of contemporary music there. In October 2000, he moved to Tokyo on a one-year Japan Foundation Fellowship, affiliated to the Kunitachi College of Music, to work on a book dealing with the music of the most prominent Japanese contemporary composers. He continues to reside in Tokyo, where he also has close working relationships with exponents of the improvised music and traditional music (gagaku a.o.) scene, but also spends time in Belgium, where he holds a Fellowship with the Ictus ensemble.
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