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15/03/2005 - 20:30
Morten Nottelmann
Born 1977 in Randers, Denmark. Lives in Antwerp, Belgium. Mainly self-taught. Has played in most of Europe with groups of various styles. Is known to be a musical chameleon, which spans his repertoire between burnout electronic improvisation and jazzy, delicate, supportive backing. Has worked in countless formations as sideman and leader as well as written and produced music for many dance and theatre productions. Latest the piece "Person Schade" performed in Schauspielhaus Frankfurt. Is also working with musical communication/free improvisation for children, and pedagogical instrument design. Has performed and/or recorded with Maja Ratkje, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, Matthias Müller (Olaf Ton), Kiko Perez (Fat Rocket), Lars Kutsche (Sharrie Williams) Lukas Simonis, DJ Rafik, DJ Lars B (IRMA) and many others.
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