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Jane Dickson
Jane Dickson is a Glasgow based composer and pianist. Her background includes classical piano and conducting, live electronics performance and composition and free improvisation using extended techniques. Her interest in live electronics lies in the subtle augmentation of acoustic instruments and voice, playing with subverting and dislocating expectation and perception. She has completed commissions from members of the London Symphony Orchestra and BBC Radio 4 and performed and had her work performed across Europe including national radio and television broadcasts in Austria, Spain and the UK. Her recent collaborative releases include Wandelweiser und so weiter (another timbre) and Accidents of Matter or of Space (SUPPEDANEUM). Her current research explores virtuosity and gender in contemporary performance and alternative methods of notation, and heavily informs her creative practice. She is a member of international group n s m b l and has premiered two works by Jakob Ullmann: son imaginaire III (HCMF ʻ13) and solo V (Courtisane ʼ15). Recent awards include PRS Women Make Music (for How to Make Two Outfits Out of One, Battersea Arts Centre) and Creative Scotland Artists Bursary for Composition, both for the creation of new and experimental opera.
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