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15/03/2005 - 20:30
Fritz Stolberg
Born 1972 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Lives and works in London, UK. Began his photographic practice while staying in Brooklyn, N.Y. between 1995 and 1997. He came back to Europe in 1997 to study film and video at the London College of Printing and later Fine Art at Goldsmith University, London. He works in a range of media, from participatory and public art to experimental film and video. He has created visuals for club nights, amo. the infamous DEKFEX Hip Hop events (former London-Paris-Connexion) in London. He accompanied the Berlin based RAS (Sonar Kollektiv) to film their concert at the Peredes De Coura Festival in Portugal. Under the title: "Journeys To The Invisible Cities", he has lately been working on organising City tours inside a moving camera-obscura-van. His work has been shown in Rio de Janeiro, Evora, Liverpool, London, New York, Kassel and Leuven.
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