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Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (*1979 Paris / France)

Dafne explores sound through improvisation, contemporary music performance and sound installations. Her main medium is the bassoon.

Her personal approach is centred on the fragility of sound and its emergence within a given space. She considers music more as a punctuation of the preexisting silence, rather than an out of context, autonomous discourse.

The deconstructed usage of her instrument is a central aspect of her practice. She amplifies fragments through miniature microphones distributed within the instrument. This exploded version of her sound sometimes meets traditional bassoon playing to generate aural discontinuities between the exterior and the interior, the whole and the parts - a reverse- engineered emergence.

She currently plays in duo with Klaus Filip, Bonnie Jones, Angélica Castelló and Xavier Lopez.

Recent collaborations with composers include Peter Ablinger, Richard Barrett, Hanna Hartman, Klaus Lang, Michael Maierhof and Éliane Radigue.

She has played in festivals such as Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf/Austria), Salzburger Festspiele (Austria), Sounding-D (Germany), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (England), No Idea Festival (Texas/US) and Visiones Sonoras (Morelia/Mexico).

She has recorded «Solo II» and «Praha», two compositions of Jakob Ullmann released by Edition RZ in April 2012 as part of the cd box «Fremde zeit addendum».

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