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23/06/2012 - 18:00 > 22:00
11/06/2012 - 24/06/2012
Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam is a sound artist active in the cross overs where sound installation, film, music & performance meet.  He describes his practice as drawing attention to those sounds between things, be it objects, spaces or recordings. It is these sounds and their contexts that reveal visual and musical processes of listening and looking.  He has exhibited & performed widely throughout Europe over the last ten years as well as releasing works on several imprints


He has performed with artists such as Claus van Bebber, Espen Jensen, Helmut Lemke, Lee Patterson, Jez Riley French, Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant and Michael Vorfeld. He was recently embedded Artist in residence at labs in association with sound and music London.
Hannah Ellul
Louise Vind Nielsen - Akkumulator
Marius Tarakdjioglou - Stone Waiting Hall

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