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Andrés Navarro García
Andrés Navarro García (Murcia, Spain) is a percussionist that focuses his work on the field of contemporary music. He combines his activity as soloist with ensembles and orchestras. He is currently based in Brussels after having finished a Performing master in KASK & Conservatorium (Ghent). As soloist, Andrés puts grand effort in offering audience a music proposal provided of his personal idea of music. This effort takes him to composition and improvisation fields. He has composed music for theatre pieces and for solo percussion. His solo concerts are always marked by improvisation. Objects, voice, electronic and street sounds and his body are some of the main elements in his performances. The first steps of Andrés Navarro as a percussionist takes place in his hometown (La Unión) and Cartagena, later he moves to Granada. In this city he studies bachelor in percussion and at the same time he collaborates with orchestras, bands, ensembles and composers, taking part in several premieres. During his last years in Spain he gets in contact with painters, actors, audiovisual artists, theatre directors… this contact with other disciplines and current artworks takes him to KASK & Conservatorium. He has participated in several premieres, pointing up composers such José Nieto, Stefaan Quix, Óscar Escudero, Mateo Soto and Pedro Guajardo. Andrés has played with several orchestras such as Orquesta Sinfónica de Torrevieja, Orquesta de Cámara de Cartagena, Orquesta de la Universidad de Granada, Joven Orquesta de Málaga. He has been enrolled in several projects of music theatre in the museum José Guerrero, Sobre Lab (contemporary cultural collective) and he formed the music theatre duo Perflux-us. His music activity goes beyond the classical and contemporary music. During his career Andrés has been enrolled in projects of flamenco, modern and latin music. In 2013 he formes the band ÉTER which wins several prizes and records the album “Ondas de calor”. Nowadays Andrés develops part of his work with several ensembles. He is member of the minimalistic music ensemble Stefaan Quix & Het Quixtet and the free improvisation band The Cosmics Union, he also collaborates with the contemporary ensembles such as Ensemble 21, Container Ensemble, G.A.M.E. and several orchestras and choirs.
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