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15/12/2014 - 19/12/2014
05/02/2015 - 20:30 - 6€
Anat Spiegel
Anat Spiegel is a vocalist, performer and composer dedicating her talent to cross- platform performance and Rock n' roll. Trained in both Jazz and classical music, Anat's established her unique vocal style in a wide range of performance practices- from dancetheater to contemporary music. Spiegel is the roaring voice of the art pop band Controllar and a favorite interpreter of new vocal works by Wilbert Bulsink, Bart de Vrees and Cecilia Arditto. Anat is a long standing collaborator with opera director Sjaron Minailo (of Studio Minailo), with whom she created in 2012 SoulSeek, the first internet opera:
Anat's works have been performed in Europe and Scandinavia, as well as in the United states, Israel and Japan.
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