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tekhnē is officially launched!

tekhnē is a collaborative project in which six European organisations aim to explore the emancipatory potential of technology in music and sound art. By engaging critically and creatively with technology, and by putting the focus on the user rather than the developer, technologies and methodologies can be demystified and lead to more autonomous mindsets towards the tools around us.
Many moments of social and artistic change have been historically brought about by shifts in technology. Taking this as inspiration, the project seeks to contribute to the wider ongoing conversations around technology and sound cultures. tekhnē will provide a platform for creatives and cultural workers via a combination of research, experimentation, creation, education, and dissemination offered in the form of residencies, commissions, workshops, performances, exhibitions, talks, publications, and radio broadcasts.

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Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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