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04/09/2016 - 30/09/2016
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Jonathan Frigeri Zonoff
Jonathan Frigeri is a sound artist, radio producer, sound collagist and electronic musician. As sound artist he is mainly interested in revealing a hidden layers of reality by underlining sounds we don’t usually pay attention to, a practice that explore the relation of sound as a door that opens imaginative space. His radio productions range from experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces to documentaries and radio sculpture. He broadcast regularly on PiRadio Berlin 88.4MHz and Radio Campus Brussels 92.1MHz. Along with his radio works Frigeri’s practice encompasses music performance, publications, soundtracks, installations, music for dance, jingles for radio, sound ambient for radio dramas and releases on tape and CD. Under the pseudonym, Johnny Ha- way, he creates a hybrid music genre from live acts to dj performances. The collage of unrelated sounds is a dominant presence in his works.
Katharina Klement 30/8/19
Mariana Carvalho 30/8/19
Dejana Sekulic & Gilles Doneux 3/10/19

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