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workspace for experimental music and sound art
post-residency performance
Jonathan Frigeri & Eric Desjeux
29/08/2020 - 17h30 sharp

We must see the Belvédère Sonore as an imaginary structure built to take full advantage of the wind blowing through the pines or as a gazebo erected to enjoy the murmur of a fountain.
In this case, for the residence at Q-O2 in Brussels, we have imagined a music for three sculptures located in the city of Brussels.

The outcome consists of a small walk around the Place Sainte-Catherine. Meeting point at 17h30 sharp at Q-O2.


The music for the sculptures will be broadcasted trough an FM emitter. Please bring your own radio receiver or your smartphone with an FM app and of course your headphones!!!


The emergence of any musical tune originates from the heart of man and the shaking of man’s heart is a effect produced by external realities.
(Notions on music – Confucius)



**Wearing a face mask is mandatory**

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