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Stevie Wishart/The Sound of Gesture > CD/DVD Launch + Performance
09/12/2010 - 19:30

Stevie Wishart / The Sound of Gesture (for violin, sensors and computer) »In everyday life we look without seeing, hear without listening: when a car passes we think ‘car’ – we may not even notice what colour it is or pause to identify its engine from the engine sound. In life we concentrate on the basics in order to get along. As a composer and performer I want my audience to immerse themselves in the world of sounds I have carefully constructed. In The Sound of Gesture I hope that my musical gestures (those engaged in the act of playing the violin) will engage the audience, to lead them towards the various electronic transformations of the violin-sound as they emerge in the soundscape. Just as a pianist builds anticipation when lifting a hand before bringing it down onto the keyboard, so my visible gestures – themselves triggers to the sounds that accompany or follow – encourage the audience to expect what comes next and to notice when it happens. The Sound of Gesture is all about intensifying the listening experience. »CD/DVD now available on and DVD are produced by FoAM, Belgium and gRIG, The Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators, Belgium, in collaboration with Q-O2, Belgium and ACE Kibla, Slovenia. Supported by the Culture 2000 Framework of the European Commission and the Flemish Community.

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