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laboratoire de musique expérimentale et d’art sonore
Ruben Martinez Orio & Adam Rosenblatt & Mark Applebaum
26/02/2015 - 28/02/2015

Percussionists Ruben Martinez Orio and Adam Rosenblatt will work on compositions by the American composer Mark Applebaum.

“The manner in which I compose varies from work to work and within a given composition.

Occasionally I will through-compose a piece, that is, start at the beginning and compose in a linear fashion. More often some portion of the middle or ending might be composed first; it, in turn, informs the creation of distant or neighboring parts. In all cases, I begin by getting my mind around three things:

-The instrumentation—the possible sound world of the piece and the idiomatic traditions of the medium;

-The duration—the total period of time during which materials will sound, form will be articulated, an audience will be captive, etc.;

-The person or group for whom I am composing—their character, strengths, interests, and so forth. »

(Mark Applebaum)

The american composer Mark Applebaum (1967-) has become one of the most important composer to work with trans-idiomatic materials in composition. His approach into classical music includes theatrical compositions, electroacoustic instruments, graphic scores, sound-sculptures and improvisation. He handles a mixture of languages and manners of composing, reflecting what the global music world is.

On the work-program:

-Entre Funérailles II, for Solo Vibraphone. (1999). 6’

-Aphasia, for singer and tape. (2010). 10’

-30: The first Decade, for percussion (2012). 9’

-Composition Machine #1, for solo percussion. (2014). 10’

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