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Oscillation at Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste
04/05/2019 - 20:00

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On resonance concert with Adam Asnan, Sofia Jernberg, Rebecca Glover, and John Butcher.


• Adam Asnan

Live set

Adam Asnan will present a live work that continues to explore the performativity of early digital reverb hardware, placing emphasis on the reverb as a voice in itself. It is mostly repetitive in nature, based on motifs that integrate sounds of percussion and FM synthesis.


• Sofia Jernberg

One Pitch: Birds for Distortion and Mouth Synthesizers

Jernbergs solo vocal performance focuses on the sound qualities of the human voice. Text or anything that can be perceived as language has been washed away in the creative process. Using no electronic effects, simply one voice in a room, Jernberg aims to achieve a multilayered structure.


• Rebecca Glover

Fluid Bodies

Combining sound, sculpture and performance, Rebecca Glover’s work conjures up journeys through imaginary landscapes in which bodies, space, time and scale are completely fluid. Using small microphones to shift her perspective, Glover listens in to the sounds of objects, their resonance, their interior spaces and the way sound is coloured as it passes through them. In Fluid Bodies she uses sound as a sculptural material. Objects, bodies and speakers are used to filter, shape and spatialise sound, plotting routes through materials, space and the imagination.


• John Butcher

The Geometry of Sentiment

“A solo concert, for me,” Butcher explains, “is an opportunity to embrace the uniqueness of each playing and listening situation. Over thirty years I have presented solos in concert halls, churches, clubs, pubs, caves, theatres, the Texan desert, French forests, an underground Scottish reservoir, a hollow Japanese mountain, a giant German gasometer and more. From the driest rooms to the most extreme resonances. This has made sense because improvisation allows an especially creative and fluid response to the particular acoustics and atmosphere of different locations. »

The Geometry of Sentiment is a set of pieces drawing on this long history. John Butcher (tenor and soprano saxophones) has a good idea of what is likely to happen, but, fortunately, not the complete picture.


Earlier this day, you can go on two guided soundwalks: one by Justin Bennett Multiplicity—a spectral analysis of Brussels, starting at Q-O2 at 11:00, and one by Isabelle Stragliati Meditation/Sound/City, ‘ which starts at Place Lemmens, 1080 at 14:00.

In collaboration with:

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