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Mark Vernon – Magneto Mori: Bruxelles / Brussels
11/08/2022 - 10h - 19h

Sound artist Mark Vernon is currently in residence at Q-O2. For his project ‘Magneto Mori: Bruxelles / Brussels’ he invites you to pass by and share your earliest memories with him. On Thursday, 11th August between 10h and 19h there will be a day long drop-in session where you can come along to meet him and be recorded if you wish. To confirm or for more info you can email to


‘Magneto Mori: Bruxelles / Brussels’ gathers people’s earliest or most vivid memories. Mark records these recollections direct to tape which will then be buried in the ground for 2-weeks (along with magnets that will partially erase the recordings) before being excavated and used as the basis for a new composition. The process is an analogy for the frailty of human memory and our ability to recall the past. 

The resulting piece can be heard at Mark’s end of residency presentation on Wednesday, 31st August. 

Mark will also be performing at Café Central, 8pm, Thursday, 18th August – with Yves de Mey, Nika Son and Quai Allon.  He will play a  live soundtrack to an extended cut of the film ‘Tape Letters from the Waiting Room’ directed by Steven McInerney (released as an LP on the Psyché Tropes label last year). An existential drama exploring the universal themes of death and rebirth, ‘Tape Letters from the Waiting Room’ is an experiment in film archaeology and magnetic memory as it navigates past life experiences. Shifting in succession from the mundane to the metaphysical, the film is composed of extant 16mm found footage from the past century with an original soundtrack by Mark Vernon culled from his collection of domestic tape recordings, audio letters, found sounds and other lost voices. 

 More details here:

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