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laboratoire de musique expérimentale et d’art sonore
post-residency presentation
20/10/2023 - 18h-19h - free

In this presentation, Lale will introduce an essay, which is currently in process. It is called Seda and deals with the role of the sonic spectrum and our ecological interaction, as well as on her functional illustrations that become sound installations.

Following the reading, Lale will play a short concert.


« Only then: you bounce, look, dance a bit until your feet hurt and then there is an impact again. An impact and the soul is occupied.


My Armenian friend says we are in the middle of a history book. I would like to stay longer on one page, one paragraph, but the pages are feathery. They want to be turned over all the time. The wind blows them forward 20 pages skipped and I actually like to page back and read what happened, what has happened, but the next chapter is already in preparation.


Im Spektrum der Störung 
fallen Drohnen vom Himmel,
bauen Wellen ein sanftes Bett der Zerstörung.
Befriedung und Auslöschung werden zu sich selbst verwechselnden Tätigkeiten.



When the face of condensed death does not come to a halt as the narrative of a cycle, but is idolised for the sake of pure death, as the actual only reality of a meaning of life – everything earthly purely detached from the vital – the vital degraded to a mockery – then the fascination lies solely in the supposed victory over that death. A deceptive conclusion of the waste of life and all those who were not allowed to choose those stories. The servants, the trees, the squirrels, the lovers, the living, the steadfast, the sick or the frogs and we who are all together. »


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Lale Rodgarkia Dara 2023

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