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post-residency concert
Aymeric de Tapol / Glauco Salvo
26/11/2022 - 18h - free

Two post-residency presentations in forms of concerts / listening sessions

Aymeric de Tapol continued and took time to focus on his research on hypnotic polyrhythms on modular synthesizer, that he has been exploring for the last 3 years. « When you are listening to something that seems the same thing during a really long period, many things happen to your spirit… ».

Come along to hear a new version of this project, a work-in-progress presentation: a piece, in continuous transformation.


Glauco Salvo will present Field Studies, a series of studies on the possible relations between field recordings, electronic and electro-acoustic sounds.

Inspired by the perceptual alteration occurring in listening through the mediation of audio recording technology, electronics are used as external agents contaminating hi-fi and lo-fi recordings, which become slightly unreal, subtly changing in balance, colour and tone.

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