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Roomtones by FANT^MS

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Roomtones is the debut release by FANT^MS – the trio of Lee Patterson, Frédéric Nogray and Pali Meursault.
Recorded between 12th – 15th December 2017 at Q-O2 Werkplaats, Brussels.
Roomtones is a 12″ LP + 2 track CD combo.
Both feature the burnt photography artwork of Marina Goussina.


CD contains bonus tracks Undertone (LP+FN) and Overtone (FN+PM).


FANT^MS formed in 2014 with a residency at Içi- Même’s Le Train Fantôme in Grenoble.
These three misfits sniff around the borders of experimental music while pondering the act of field recording to hear how it can shape their sonic craft.
Subject to these musical urges, they re-purpose all manner of stuff using acoustic, mechanical, chemical and electronic synthesis.


For orders within the EU – please visit the bandcamp site of fellow FANT^MS / MMLI – Thanks!

released June 21, 2020


Lee Patterson – springs, motors and chemical reactions
Frédéric Nogray – quartz singing bowls & objects
Pali Meursault – fluorescent tubes, radio & electronics

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