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Jonathan Frigeri & Eleonora Polato – Ombra Magnetica

This record of Ombra Magnetica co-edited with Activerat, goes back to a residency by Eleonora Polato at the Q-O2 in Brussels and a project that she realised there together with Jonathan Frigeri in 2016. Now the vinyl record is available, together with a beautiful text by Julia Eckhardt.

Eleonora Polato (Anita) and Jonathan Frigeri (Johnny Haway) bring to life a sounding ecosystem of scattering objects, set in vibration by transducers. This set of objects generates a ghostly sound, a thick texture of crackles, tremors, pulsations and feedbacks that merge and resonate in a captivating way.

a Ratzoff-production
released November 5, 2021

A1 Ombra Magnetica – Concert For Transducers And Objects 1 22:12
B1 Ombra Magnetica – Concert For Transducers And Objects 2 21:20

Mastered By, Lacquer Cut By – Frédéric Alstadt
Mixed By – Eleonora Polato, Jonathan Frigeri
Photography – Renaud Marchand
Recorded By – Ludo Engels
Text By – Julia Eckhardt
Graphic Design – Laurent Schmid

Recorded 2016 in Brussels at Q-O2

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