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Alice Hui-Sheng Chang : Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
This is an embodiment of displacement, transformation,
hallucination, dissociation, and becoming.請打開下方連結,和詩譜與插圖一起聆聽專輯
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00:00-03:09 I. 掉進兔子洞 Down the Rabbit-hole

03:09-06:55 II. 眼淚池塘 The Pool of Tears

06:55-10:03 III. 委員會賽跑與漫長的故事 A Caucus-race and a Long Tale

10:03-14:40 IV. 兔子派小比爾出馬 The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

14:40-18:30 V. 毛毛蟲的建議 Advice from a Caterpillar

18:30-21:40 VI. 小豬與胡椒 Pig and Pepper

21:40-25:55 VII. 瘋狂茶會 A Mad Tea-party

25:55-29:17 VIII. 紅心皇后的槌球場 The Queen’s Croquet-ground

29:17-35:05 IX. 假海龜的故事 The Mock Turtle’s Story

35:05-39:35 X. 龍蝦方塊舞 The Lobster Quadrille

39:35-45:00 XI. 誰偷了水果塔 Who Stole the Tarts?

45:00-49:15 XII. 愛麗絲的證詞 Alice’s Evidence


released May 14, 2023


成音:Nigel Brown

插圖與手作書:Lorraine Heller-Nicholas

Recorded in Brussels, June-July 2022.
Recorded in residency at Q-O2, funded by National Culture and Arts Foundation.

Site-specific vocal improvisation and recording by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang.
Mastered by Nigel Brown.

Poetic scores by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang.
Images and zines by Lorraine Heller-Nicholas.

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