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Yannick Guédon & Thomas Bernardet
25/06/2014 - 17/07/2014

_ _ te mp _ _

In March 2012, Thomas Bernardet invited me to make a performance for the opening of his exhibition in the art gallery Living-Room (Montpellier, France). The performance began with an empty space that ended to be ‘occupied’ by 3 static shot videos. The sound performance was thought as a kind of time frame for the opening.

In q-o2, I would like to see how, on the contrary, the visual works of Thomas Bernardet could enlarge the usual frame of a sound performance, or in other words, how this sound performance could be realised in the same duration as one of an exhibition, still being a performance and not a sound installation.
Initiated in 2011 by Yannick Guédon, the cycle of sound situations a _ t e m p _ s (generic title) addresses the issues of time, silence and non-event.

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